The History of Siomai

You can now see siomai or dumplings anywhere you go in Cebu – from schools, restaurants, along the streets, and public markets; and no one can deny the fact that this delicious, simple, and humble dish has become part of the lives of Cebuanos.

But only few people know the history and origin of siomai. Where did it come from and who invented it?

So we did some research to satisfy your crave for knowledge and to feed your curiosity. Siomai is said to have originated in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, between the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing dynasties (1644 to 1912) of China. Siomai is served as a “side dish” or a secondary product in tea houses, and its popularity started when the dish was brought to Beijing and Tianjin by merchants from Shanxi.

There you go, the history of siomai – started as a side dish in Mongolia centuries ago, and now has become the main dish that Cebuanos enjoy in our daily meals.