Teodirico’s Is Now Selling 700 Siomai A Day In Lapu-Lapu!

Since we started our siomai business operation, there had been several highs and lows which is just normal in all kinds of businesses. During the early months, our biggest challenge is being able to keep up with our daily stocks and supplies so we can fulfill the customers’ high demands. We started with a daily production of 400-500 pieces of siomai which is quite a manageable number considering our total number of staff, and our logistics or transport capability.

Much more recently and courtesy of our effective marketing strategy and the great quality of our delicious siomai at a very affordable price, the demand and production of our siomai product has significantly increased.

We are proud to share to our customers and followers that for the past 3 months, we are now selling 600-700 pieces of siomai daily!

We would like thank our loyal customers for the continued support, and rest assured, we will also continue to provide you the most delicious siomai at the most affordable price in Lapu-Lapu City (and hopefully beyond). Also a big thank you to our hardworking and dedicated staff for always giving their best service. And most importantly, we thank God for all the blessings and guidance to our business, and helping us achieve our mission, and in fulfilling our advocacy of providing affordable and at the same time delicious, appetizing, and clean food for the masses; and realizing a dream of a community and eventually a nation that is free from hunger and starvation.

Daghang salamat mga suki!